Iran's nuclear ambitions. Up in arms? Author: Luciano Pitzalis
23-11-2004 Is Iran developing nuclear arms?

Universal Compliance: Strategy for Nuclear Securit Author: CEIP (Carnegie Endowment for Internation Peace)
21-06-2004 This report offers a blueprint to strengthen nuclear security and prevent nuclear terrorism.

01-12-2001 This report is about the so-called "right of humanitarian intervention": the question of when, if ever, it is appropriate for states for take coercive - and in particular military - action, against another state for the purpose of protecting people.

Can Blair Convince Bush to Share Author: Martin Woollacot
29-03-2003 Can Blair Convince Bush to Share His Belief in the International Institutions?

Bush and Blair to appear before the ICC? Author: Jean Flamme

US threat to ICC Author: International Amnesty
01-08-2003 Amnesty International's report on the unlawful attempt of the Security Council to give US citizens permanent impunity from international justice by the Intrnational Criminal Court.

PDF file of legal analysis available on original url

The Postmodern state and the world order Author: Robert Cooper
01-01-2000 Robert Cooper sets out a radical new interpretation of the shape of the world. He explains the post-Cold War world in terms of divisions between 'pre-modern' parts of the world, without fully functioning states, 'modern' nat

Dealing With Iran Author: CEIP (Carnegie Endowment for Internation Peace)
02-11-2004 Iran has been caught breaking its obligations under the NPT, and is now being investigated by the IAEA and the Security Council. If Iran gets away with acquiring nuclear weapons the Middle East would become even more dangerous

Debating Iran's Nucleair aspirations Author: Shahram Chubin
01-10-2003 The International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) June 2003 report on Iran’s nuclear program has stripped the Islamic Republic of the agency’s seal of approval and elevated international concern about Tehran’s nuclear intentions.

WMD in Iraq: Evidence and implications Author: CEIP (Carnegie Endowment for Internation Peace)
01-01-2004 This Carnegie report clarifies Iraq WMD story, outlines strategy for dealing with proliferation threats.

Military action against Iraq violates UN Charter Author: Paul de Waart
01-04-2003 No English translation available. See Dutch website for more details.

Iraq and World Order Author: John Lloyd
01-02-2003 What is the progressive case for intervention in Iraq? And what kind of world order should we be trying to build? Argument against a conservative retreat to national sovereignty in search of stability. Sketch of the parameters of a re-ordered in

Iraq: what next? Author: CEIP (Carnegie Endowment for Internation Peace)
01-01-2003 This analysis from January 2003 provides a concise outline of the concerns over Iraq’s missile, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons capabilities that inspectors were investigating.

Iraq: A new approach Author: CEIP (Carnegie Endowment for Internation Peace)
01-08-2002 This proposal identifies a middle ground between the two existing approaches to Iraq: continue to do nothing, or pursue an overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

Letter PNAC to president Clinton Author: Project for the New American Century various authors
26-01-1998 Letter from the neo-conservative thinktank 'Project for the New American Century' in 1998 to former president Clinton on the in their view failing Iraq-policies. See full text.

Rethinking NATO Author: Tom Donnely
20-06-2003 Tom Donnelly assesses the impact of the Iraq campaign on NATO from a US perspective.

Re-Ordering the World: long-term implications 9/11 Author: Mark Leonard
01-03-2002 This collection begins with Tony Blair's call for a project to re-order the post-September 11th world. It brings together essays and proposals from statesmen thinkers in international affairs.

The New War Against Terror Author: Noam Chomsky
18-10-2001 Transcription of talk given at the Technology and Culture Forum at IMT. See original url for full text.

A Wounded United Nations Author: Editorial New York Times
02-01-2004 These are difficult times for the United Nations. The Bush administration's taste for unilateral action and its doctrine of preventive war pose a profound challenge to the U.N.'s founding principle of collective security.

A Return to the UN? Author: Phyllis Bennis
04-09-2003 The recent Bush administration's draft UN resolution proposing a new role for the United Nations in Iraq is not a reflection of any concern regarding the illegality of the occupation, the lack of legitimacy of the U.S. presence in Iraq.

Subverting the UN Author: Richard Falk
29-10-2002 As a healthy response to the Bush Administration's war policies, the number of people taking to the streets in protest is increasing with each step toward war.

In Europe's Mirror: Perils of American Nationalism Author: Anton Lieven
01-03-2004 One way of looking at the United States today is as a European state that has avoided the catastrophes nationalism brought upon Europe in the twentieth century, and whose nationalism therefore retains some of the power, intensity and bellicosity.

Hegemony to imperium Author: Tom Barry
26-02-2002 We are living in a "unipolar moment" declared neoconservative columnist Charles Krauthammer in a 1991 Foreign Affairs essay.

Bush's Isolationist foreign policy Author: Carel H. Jansen
01-04-2003 No English translation available. See Dutch site for more info.

Axis of Instability: Britain and America Author: Andrew Tyrie
03-03-2001 Tyrie's policy brief offers opposition to the American-British policy of pre-emption and regime change, and looks to the past for a vision of a more effective future British and Western foreign policy.

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